Friday, August 26, 2011

I couldn't help myself! North Mississippi Natural Light Photographer

I have heard about this place for months. I have driven past this place for months. I have avoided it (well my back fat has) this place for months. Okay maybe not that long, but it feels like it!

I am a cupcake LOVER. I love the personal feeling you get when you pick that one cupcake out of the dozen. You know, the one that hasn't been quished or still has no small finger swipes on the side from children that have sworn they didn't touch any-fing" (wuh they have a slight slur)?

Well, I broke weak. I dragged my mother and baby girl in  AnnOlivia's to "check it out". I settled on a half dozen +1, because you know a girl has to watch her calories... that and during car pick up line I may or may not have ran 4 cars up the road to give a special treat to another mama waiting in the car line to pick up her kindergartner too!

2 Italian creme (jumbo) 2 caramel apple (petite) 2 triple chocolate (petite) 1 chocolate raspberry (petite).

I could not decide. It was hard. Everything looked wonderful and sparkly. THEY HAD SPARKLE!! That is like crack to a 4 year old sparkle loving princess grabbing my leg telling me to stop posing her food!

So I picked Italian Creme and took to Benadryl (unfortunately I am slightly allergic to nuts, but not enough to keep me away from this bad boy). Can I just say W-O-W?!


See that cupcake wrapper?
I have a habit of leaving it open to toss off what is usually much too thick or much too sweet.

I TORE that up. All of it. Every flipping coconut flake and pecan that didn't fall on the floor.

We found our new favorite sweet shop! If you haven't been to AnnOlivia's please go now!

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