Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The little things

I committed to a 365 this year. I failed. It will now be a 52 week project. One personal blog post a week featuring the fruit of my loins.

They do little things like play nice when I am not looking. I stuck a bucket by the window and waited patiently in the kitchen while they snuck over and sat down looking outside at the rain and the insane amount of birds.

First the head honcho...

and then slowly her ever faithful best friend... her big brother.

I made 3 New Years resolutions
1. The 365 which I have already broken (I'm okay with failure)
2. Exercise and live better
3. Cherish the little things and all that is precious to you, for the world is a dangerous place and they can be taken from you in a split second.

I can't imagine life with out them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 365 Project Hernando Mississippi Children's Photographer

I committed to a 365 Project last night at 11:59pm.....
I am committed to capturing my children as much as possible
I am committed to documenting every last runny nose, car fight and wrestling match.

I  a m  c o m m i t t e d ! I figure if I say it three times like Beetle Juice it may magically happen!

So today due to gross cold rainy weather us girls had bubble baths while the boys and beasts took a nature walk! The girls were invited, but Mimi is "allergic to cold weather".

Recipe for an incredible bubble bath:
I  Two legged beast
Large Jet Bathtub preferably clean
Original Dawn (because bubble bath lasts like 1 bath in this house)

OMG did you know that when you turn those jets on... something magical happens? Like 10" of water is covered by 20" of bubbles in like 10 seconds? Thick frothy white bubbles like wonderful warm snow that never melts?

Did you also know that it took way to long to get rid of all the bubbles?